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Now getting a loan for your auto is fast & economical with Ronnie Finance Limited. We understand the Bike or Scooter you ride is the matter of pride to you and we comprehend that you wouldn't have any desire to make any compromise in this. That is why you enjoy the best deals Ronnie Finance Limited offers various options for financing the purchase of auto loan vehicles across manufacturers and brands. Take advantage of our facility of speedy approvals and flexible installment options with our transparent and simple documentation to help you buy the auto you desire.

An auto loan is a loan from Ronnie Finance Limited which helps you buy a car more costly than you can afford with cash. Unless you have a huge amount in savings or you can borrow and pay off your vehicle with monthly payments with us.

If you borrow wisely from Ronnie Finance Limited for auto loan, you enjoy two most important benefits:

  • You’ll spend low on your vehicle.

  • You’ll have the flexibility to change fund other goals and vehicles within a few years.

Start planning for your auto loan with Ronnie Finance Limited long before you ever start looking at cars. Start looking for an auto loan (and a car) that fits with your lifestyle. It will help you at the time to make a deal when you are ready to proceed with confidence.

Our Salient Features

  • Easy and simple documentation.
  • Easy and simple documentation.
  • Attractive rate of interest.
  • Elite customers can now avail of Fast track loans.

Personal Loan

  • Finance option of up to 85% on the "on-road price" of the auto.
  • Speedy Approval.
  • No hidden costs.

Auto Loan (Salaried)

We have a string of innovations to make credits that help concentrate on purchasing the best auto. We assure you that you are getting the best loan with no anxiety.

Transparent and flexible

Within 10-15 woring days of taking your advance, you will get a Welcome call & a SMS that covers all the important details of your loan from loan amount, due dates, EMI amount, and contact details.

Special Preapproved Offers/ Prime lending program

Our existing customers get special preapproved offers occasionally. Clients with with exceptional credit track record get special schemes.

Eligibility Criteria (Only Salaried Can Apply)

Proof Of Income

Employment Stability

Residence Stability


Income Proof:Payslips, Bank Credit, Form 16

ID Proof: Passport/ Voter's ID Card / Driving License / PAN Card / Unique Identification Card / Identity Card issued by Central or State Goverment, Ministers of Statutory Bodies.

Address Proof: Passport / Latest Telephone Bill (Landline) / Latest Electricity Bill / Latest Bank Statement

Application Fee Charges

Fees & Charges are in the line with market norms and as per eligibility of specific cases. The interest rates for finance of auto are based on the following parameters:

- Borrower's profile;

- Geography of residence;

- Loan amount;


Q1. What is an EMI?

A. EMI stands for "Equated Monthly Installments". The installment comprises of principal and interest component. EMI provides you with ease and benefit of paying back your loan amount in over a period of time through fixed monthly payments.

Q2. What is repayment schedule?

A. . Repayment schedule provides the amount of each EMI, due dates and breakup between principal and interest components. It also provides the outstanding principal after realization of each EMI.

Q3. Are there any special schemes available for me?

A. Special schemes are available from time to time. You should get in touch with our representative to get suitable scheme.

Q4. I am an existing customer, can I apply for another loan?

A. Yes. However, any approval will be based on your eligibility criteria.

Q5. I have repaid my loan successfully. Can I get finance now?

A. Yes. If you have cleared your loan without any defaults, you could be eligible for a special scheme.

Q6. How long will it take to get a loan?

A. Your loan will be processed within 24 to 48 hours depending upon the documents submitted and subsequent verification.

Don’t feel hesitate to call or contact us. Our Financial experts are here to serve you round the clock.